Children and young people from all over the country took part in the “Protect Your Family on the Road!” National Poster Contest. The joint initiative of State Agency “Road Safety” and the State Agency for Child Protection aims to increase the awareness of teenagers toward road safety issues.

Overall, 33 children and young people sent their works urging us to speed down, use our safety belts and not use our cellphones while driving. The youngest participant is aged 7, and the oldest one is 24 years old. “The crosswalk is not a shield” is their message to all pedestrians so that they bear in mind that they need to walk with utmost vigilance. “The road is not the outer space” and “Life is not a game” are among the other messages that children send to try and raise the awareness of the general public toward road safety.

All posters received have been already published on the official Facebook page of State Agency “Road Safety”. They are divided into two groups: participants aged 7 – 13 years and 14 – 24 years. Online voting on the social network will determine, within two weeks, who will receive the Audience Mention award, mountain bikes for the winners in each of the two categories. Of course, the award will include safety equipment: a helmet, a reflective jacket and a reflective bracelet.

Jointly with the State Agency for Child Protection, a professional jury will be set up to evaluate the posters received and award prizes to the best of them. During the year, the posters will be used in various road safety enhancement campaigns and initiatives.