Mission of the Agency
Pursue an active policy to improve road safety in the Republic of Bulgaria by ensuring coordination among institutions, as well as between institutions and society, in order to take adequate measures, based on prevention, objective and systematic analysis, in order to significantly reduce the adverse effects of road traffic accidents.
Operating Principles of the Agency 
• Transparency: in the Agency’s actions, decisions taken and results achieved, through various media and information channels.
• Objectivity and scientific basis: Executive decision-making must be based on objective data, analysis and empirically proven evidence. This is the only way to ensure the effectiveness of the decisions taken.
• Cooperation and synergy: Road safety is a comprehensive issue requiring coordination and a common course of action by many institutions and society.
• Awareness and knowledge dissemination: The creation of a safe road traffic culture is based on understanding the problems involved. In this process, we see the media and public organizations as our natural partners in the dissemination of objective and fact-based knowledge, and we identify as a key priority of the Agency the promotion of smart and innovative solutions in every aspect of road traffic safety.
• International cooperation and exchange: The use of good practices of other countries and international organizations saves time, effort and money. Properly customized to the Bulgarian environment, international experience can lead to rapid results.
• Clear objectives and results orientation: “If you don’t know where you are going, you won’t know when you get there”.
• Equal treatment and equal access: All road users must have equal access to the road transport system. To this end, it needs to take into account the specificities of the different groups of actors and adequately protect each of them, particularly vulnerable ones.