Council of Ministers Decree No 21 of 1 February 2019 established State Agency Road Safety. The government’s decision to introduce a new model of road safety management in the Republic of Bulgaria is based on the analysis conducted and the shortcomings identified in road traffic safety policies, and is in line with best practices and recommendations by international institutions, which have considered the existence of a coordination unit to develop, coordinate, and oversee the implementation of this government policy as an important success factor.

The Agency will work to:

  • Improve

Improving coordination among institutions involved in improving traffic safety

  • Engage

Involving NGOs in initiatives contributing to the reduction of transport traumatism

  • Analyze

Impartial analysis of data related to traffic safety

  • Control

Ensuring monitoring and control of results of traffic safety policy implementation

Core tasks:

  • Review and draft legal acts relating to road traffic safety, organization of traffic, transport infrastructure development, the condition of the fleet, and training of drivers
  • Develop a National Strategy for Traffic Safety in Bulgaria and an action plan for its implementation
  • Develop and approve, in cooperation with competent traffic safety authorities, criteria and methodological guidance
  • Approve district and coordinate municipal programs to improve traffic safety and reduce road transport traumatism, and monitor their implementation
  • Propose to the Bulgarian Institute for Standardization to develop and adopt standards relating to traffic safety policy implementation
  • Design and implement projects for the improvement of traffic safety
  • Jointly with the State e-Government Agency, support the integration among information systems of traffic safety departments
  • Promote the deployment of intelligent transport systems for traffic management and control
  • Cooperate with higher education institutions and research organizations to carry out scientific research activities
  • Carry out and coordinate information and education campaigns on road traffic safety
  • Cooperate and interact with other countries and international organizations
  • Participate in the consultation process with civil society, academic and scientific circles, and businesses to improve road traffic safety.