State Agency “Road Safety”, together with Уча.се educational platform, developed video lessons on road safety suitable for children and young people. They are available both on the Agency’s and the platform’s websites (in Bulgarian only).

The video lessons are five and can be viewed completely free of charge. In a comprehensible and interesting manner, they look at topics such as how to move safely inside and outside the city, how to reduce the risk of getting involved in a road accident, and provide basic safety advice. They also emphasize on the importance of wearing a seat belt and using a child safety seat for children up to 150 cm of height (or 12 years of age). Two video lessons are targeted at older school goers who are about to or have already obtained driving licenses, on the dangers of using a mobile phone while driving, and of using alcohol. Even if children have not yet reached the age of 18, the purpose of the video lessons is to raise their awareness toward these themes and help them behave properly on the road from a very early age.

State Agency “Road Safety” calls on school goers, especially these days when many schools are out, to spend some time to watch the lessons. This is not only a way to keep up with the Road Traffic Safety school subject, but also an opportunity to improve their knowledge of these important topics and to know how to protect themselves and their peers on the road.