The Council of Ministers has approved the 2019 Report on the State of Road Traffic Safety in the Republic of Bulgaria. Measures to limit road traffic injuries in 2020 have also been approved.

The Chair of State Agency “Road Safety” provides to the Council of Ministers, at least once a year, information on the state of road safety in the Republic of Bulgaria. The purpose of the document is also to provide the information in the context of the end of the period of the 2011-2020 National Strategy for the Improvement of Road Safety and to serve as a basis for the upcoming new planning period of the 2021-2030 national road safety framework.

The analysis includes strategic policies, statistics and trends of road transport trauma, influencing factors and impact areas. The final objective of the document is to help road safety management as a complex system that allows analysis at all stages of policy planning and implementation, creating preconditions for clear monitoring and evaluation of the actions taken.

The proposed 2020 Action Plan includes a set of measures along the following lines: a regulatory framework; behavior of road users; control activities; road infrastructure; car fleet and emergency medical care. It contains more than 130 specific measures to improve road traffic safety in the Republic of Bulgaria in 2020, expected results and responsible institutions.

The Council of Ministers Decision declares 2020 as the year of active work to protect the lives and health of road users under the motto “Life has priority on the road”.