A design of a playground for training of children in traffic safety is provided for free use by schools, kindergartens and other organizations. The model is developed by State Agency “Road Safety” and includes all the essential elements for the establishment of such a training site, both in the courtyards of educational institutions and in other outdoor or indoor spaces.

The initiative is part of the general efforts of State Agency “Road Safety” to improve road safety training from the earliest age. In order for it to be as effective as possible, it is important to address as many practical aspects as possible. One of the working mechanisms is the establishment of traffic safety sites, where, in an isolated environment, children can learn basic rules, e.g. how to cross safely, know road signs, road traffic controller rules, etc.

At present, many kindergartens and schools have established such places where they conduct practical training. In order to help others to do so, State Agency “Road Safety” developed a type design that could be implemented in different sizes. This will save them money and time for design assignment.

The shape, dimensions, and content are a small-dimension communication network of a school, a parking lot, streets, intersections and a bicycle alley filled with vertical signaling (road signs and traffic lights) and horizontal markings. While the area for the deployment of the project design totals 1,200 sq. m, 48 m in length and 25 m in width, the dimensions in the proposed design are selected conditionally and can be changed according to the specific situation. For this purpose, a spreadsheet is also attached to the design, which can be used to resize it based on external dimensions in length and width.

The site design will be disseminated also through district governors and municipalities in order to draw more attention to it and seek alternative forms to finance its physical construction. It uses the beginning of the summer vacation when the weather conditions are suitable, there are no children in schools, and similar initiatives can be implemented.

It should be reminded that at the beginning of this year, the Ministry of Education and Science allocated targeted funding for the establishment of road traffic safety sites. With this project, the Agency aims to support this initiative, as beneficiaries can invest the funds allocated to them only in work and materials, using the ready-made design.

The type design, with all its components, is published on the website of State Agency “Road Safety” for free use (in Bulgarian only), and the experts of the Agency are available to provide clarifications on it.