State Agency Road Safety took part in the initiatives within the framework of the World Car Free Day organized in Sofia. Parts of the capital’s downtown areas became pedestrian zones where all participants could see different attractions and demonstrations promoting alternative traffic in urban environment.

A road safety zone was set up in General Gurko Street, which was part of the car-free zone. SARS experts talked to people and made various safety promotion demonstrations: safe transportation of children and the most common mistakes made by pedestrians; why alcohol and driving should never be combined; the importance of forgetting about your mobile phone while driving. These were some of the topics that the attention of Sofia’s residents and visitors focused on.

Due to the nature of the event, special attention was paid to safe bicycle ride in the city, as well as the rules for using electric scooters. This alternative means of transport is becoming increasingly popular, and the SARS team developed the rules for its use.

More than 100 million people in 1,500 cities around the world take part in Car Free Day initiatives every year.