Last year, State Agency “Road Safety” held the first national poster competition on the topic “Protect your family on the road”. Nearly 40 children and young people from all over the country took part in it and all received works were put together in an exhibition that was showcased for several months in Sofia’s largo. In the summer, it is planned for the exhibition to visit several more cities in the country, and the preparation of the second edition of the national competition is already underway. This aims to attract more attention to the topic by children and young people.

One of the key priorities in the work of State Agency “Road Safety” is to improve road traffic safety training from the earliest age. The Agency has set up a working group with a wide representation of the involved institutions and NGOs, which develops a new concept of training, from preschool and school age, to driving license certification and subsequent improvement.

During the forced vacation time, due to the global pandemic of COVID-19, the Agency also announced the developed interactive road safety lessons, which have already reached more than 75,000 YouTube views. They look at topics, such as how to move safely in the city and outside urban areas, how to reduce the risk of involvement in a road accident, and provide basic safety advice.

Children’s safety on the road often depends on the responsibility of their parents. Therefore, State Agency “Road Safety” is preparing the launch of an information campaign focusing on the importance of using specialized child car seats and/or belts in vehicles.

Road safety has many aspects that cannot be graded in order of importance. However, the topic of children and road safety is key to society as a whole. Today, we should not just celebrate with our children, but also realize the importance of having them know about basic traffic rules!

Life has priority on the road!